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If you’re like me, you enjoy following beauty gurus on blogs and Youtube. Beauty gurus have a Youtube channel, blog, or another outlet where they show swatches, new products they’ve purchased, and makeup tutorials. People look to them for guidance.

It’s fun to see how someone else does their beauty routine, what products they use, and reviews on the best things to slather onto hair, skin, and nails.

While it’s all in good fun, there are a few real set-backs that happen to a lot of women while they’re swept up in this world of beauty.

Beware Of These 5 Beauty Guru Dangers

  1. Blind trust in purchasing products. If your favorite beauty guru just buys a new lotion and you feel the need to purchase it for this reason alone, you need to take a step back. Remember that many people online get paid to show off certain products. Do a genuine search online for honest reviews, or try Makeup Alley before running out to purchase anything.
  2. Shopping or beauty haul fever. If you feel the need to buy everything someone is sharing just because they’ve shared it, or you need to see for yourself, you’ve fallen into the “shopping for no reason” trap. Your life was fine before those products, and it’ll be just as fine now. Give yourself a week to live without them and if you still feel you need to purchase, go ahead and do so. At least you know it wasn’t out of hype.
  3. Ruining your natural beauty streak. Many of us try to only purchase natural and cruelty-free makeup. Some of us are even trying to wear less makeup on most days. Watching and reading people who are not as selective constantly talking about makeup of all sorts will likely ruin what you’re trying to do. You’re more likely to break down and purchase something you wouldn’t have otherwise done, or start wearing more makeup than you were before. Remember to be yourself. It also helps to follow beauty gurus with the same taste in products or habits as you.
  4. Becoming misinformed. On many occasions I’ve run into someone saying that a product is wonderful for your skin because it’s natural. Little did they know… The product was laced with parabens and off the charts in its toxicity rating. They were misinforming everyone! Do your own research. Many products that claim to be natural or organic are simply not. Take a look at the ingredients of African Organics. Yikes!
  5. Trying too many things at once. Your skin will freak out if you are constantly putting different products onto it. You never know what will irritate your skin, even if it’s a natural product. If you are constantly trying different skin care and makeup, you won’t find the culprit. It’s always best to use the same products over time. If a beauty guru suggests a foundation but your skin is perfectly fine with the one you’re using, don’t switch. You end up irritating your skin less. Also, your skin needs time to adjust to anything you’re putting onto it. You need to use the same product for about one month to really see how your skin feels about it, and constantly putting different things onto your face won’t help!

Following beauty gurus is fun, but it’s important to keep reality in check. Slow down. Go natural sometimes, especially this summer. Most importantly, respect your skin. After all, it’s your body’s largest organ!

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  • Sarai

    Ha! I follow a ton of beauty gurus on YouTube and I completely agree with this list. I was a major violator of rule #1 especially. I have so many beauty products now that I can’t make a dent in anything so I’m kind of on a no-buy right now. Still I enjoy watching others put on make up and talk about skin care. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

    • Marjorie |

      Exactly, same here! I’m trying really hard to go natural but watching these ladies makes me want to go out and buy stuff I’m trying to avoid. I will still continue watching them simply because I enjoy it, but you really have to be careful!

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