why you have acne

I was struggling with acne at the end of last year, which is rare for me. I have sensitive skin, and I thought I was breaking out because of some hormonal reason. I made some changes in my life, and I solved my acne problem. My skin is now completely clear just like it used to be.

If you feel you’ve tried everything and have mild acne, you may also have sensitive skin and might be doing the following:

1. Not Cleansing Properly

  • Whatever the method you use (wipes, oils, cleanser), you should always finish with a rinse of warm water. This gets rid of the residue left on your face. As much as beauty companies like to claim you can leave their cleanser on without rinsing, think about this — does it make sense to leave something on your face that was designed to dissolve or take away product?
  • Try switching to natural. I was using Origins Check & Balances and paying out the nose. I switched to Avalon Organics, which doesn’t freak my skin out. I also use jojoba oil to take make-up off after considering how harsh chemical make-up removers can be.

2. Using Harsh Chemicals On Skin

  • Going off from my last point — look at the ingredients of everything you put on your face in one day. I’m not joking! Turn the bottles around and read. If you have sensitive skin, what you read may surprise you. Alcohol and fragrance should not be going near your face.
  • Try to switch to natural products. Instead of toner, use witch hazel. Instead of blemish treatment, use tea tree oil. Instead of moisturizer or make-up remover, use jojoba oil. (Any natural oil will work.)

3. Using Too Many Products

  • The more products you slather on, the more your skin is adjusting to the chemicals within those products.
  • The more products you use, the greater the chance of irritation.
  • Find a set cleanser, toner, and moisturizer and stick to it. If you can, make them completely natural!

4. Eating a Bad Diet

  • The more you eat sugar, processed foods, and unrefined carbs (which turn into sugar), you are more likely to have your skin tell you something is wrong.
  • If you’re not eating enough fruits and vegetables, you’re probably contributing not only to acne but a variety of health issues.

5. Not Drinking Enough Water

  • If you aren’t drinking water, make it a habit to drink a full glass first thing in the morning (before your coffee) and right before bed. This alone will jump start your way to drinking more water and preventing dry, acne-prone skin.
  • Drinking more water also gives your skin that glowing effect. Squeeze those glasses of water in!

6. Giving in to Stress

  • Stressing out will certainly break you out. (It’s not a coincidence that your skin is a mess when the rest of your life is.)
  • Pinpoint the areas of stress in your life and do something about it. Can it be removed? Can it be changed?
  • If you can’t remove the stress (think final exams and work related woes), add more zen to your life. Bring on the bubble baths, candles, and a good book! Most importantly, dont’ stress about the acne. You won’t have it forever.
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