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DIY Bingo-Inspired Tray for a Vintage Feel

When it comes to creating a new look for your home, it can be difficult to find pieces that fit into your vision of what your living space needs to look like. When this happens, sometimes, the best option is to roll up your sleeves and get the work done yourself. Need an idea to […]

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big home renovations spring

Big Home Renovations in Time for Spring

With spring creeping ever closer, many homeowners look to update their home, from a simple sprucing up of furnishings to more large-scale renovations. If you are considering the latter option, look no further for inspiration those extra hours of natural light into your home. Renovations can be intimidating, but with the right ideas and know-how, […]

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home renovation diy

Home Renovations – An Opportunity to Get on the Property Ladder?

Ok, so very few of us are in the position to be taking our first step on the property ladder just yet…but for those who are securing bricks and mortar to call their own, chances are you may have settled for a property that is a little ‘undone’. If you haven’t been able to afford […]

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Working with What You Have

Over time, I feel like we’ve lost the almost effortless consideration of working with what we have. We’ve become accustomed to simply going and buying new. I say ‘we’ because this is something I’m trying to work on as well. Think you don’t fall into this trap? Here are a few common scenarios most people […]

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Easy Last Minute Gift Guide

I previously listed a few fun DIY projects for decorating this holiday. With certain events like Christmas literally just around the corner, I’m avoiding the shopping mall if I can! So what do you do for those last minute gifts? Here are a few ideas for easy yet desirable gifts you can put together without […]

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6 DIY Holiday Decor Crafts

You know what breaks my heart? There’s something about the season that entices people to go out and buy, buy, buy. There are so many fun, easy DIY projects that can be made this time of year. When it comes to holiday decor, why not make something completely you? Here are some fun, practical DIY […]

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kitchen organization

Free Label Printables for Organization

Whimsical Labels /Modern Labels / Airy Labels Elegant Bathroom Labels / Refrigerator Labels / Herb Labels Happy Friday! I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday and redoing some of my chalkboard labels that had smudged when I figured I could do a quick resource round-up. So in short, here are a few fun printables I found […]

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recreational writing

Simple Pleasures: How to Write for Recreation

Writing serves as an outlet, and you may be surprised how much weight it lifts off of your shoulders. Writing isn’t just for someone who wants to publish a novel — it’s a form of recreation. Some people even write daily, first thing in the morning or right before bed. If you’re feeling busy or […]

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healthy cookie recipe

DIY Simple Healthy Cookies Recipe

Last week on my Instagram account, I shared delicious (healthy) cookies I discovered. I wanted to make a quick blog post featuring more information and share with those of you who don’t follow my Instagram. These cookies are healthy in all the right ways, and get this — there are only two required ingredients. Any […]

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diy thrift store frame

DIY Photo Frame Makeover

Thrift stores are the best place to get picture frames. There’s really no need to pay so much money at the store for one when thrift stores are usually overflowing with these. The main problem with the frames found at the thrift stores is that… Well, they’re usually really ugly. I forgot to take a […]

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