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How to Make a House a Home

When you move into a new place, you often consider essentials you’ll need — utensils, a couch, a lamp, etc. But what about the hidden essentials? I term ‘hidden essentials’ the little things that create homeliness. I came across this situation after I moved into my new duplex and couldn’t get myself to feel comfortable. […]

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6 DIY Holiday Decor Crafts

You know what breaks my heart? There’s something about the season that entices people to go out and buy, buy, buy. There are so many fun, easy DIY projects that can be made this time of year. When it comes to holiday decor, why not make something completely you? Here are some fun, practical DIY […]

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medicine cabinet

What’s in My Medicine Cabinet (Update)

It’s been a while since I’ve documented my medicine cabinet! The last time I shared a glimpse of this was over 2 years ago and you can read that post here. Here’s the current inventory: Baby Shampoo: I use this to wash my make-up brushes. Bath Salts: Eucalyptus bath salts, rarely used. Perfume: I have […]

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5 Ways to Incorporate Functionality in a Small Kitchen

5 Ways to Incorporate Functionality in a Small Kitchen

The following is a guest post by Tali Wee of Zillow. Small kitchens don’t have to be organizational nightmares. Smart reconfiguring, innovating thinking and easy design updates remove clutter and turn small kitchens into functional and efficient cooking spaces. Less clutter also equates to less stress. A functional kitchen benefits both homeowners and potential homebuyers. […]

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kitchen organization

Free Label Printables for Organization

Whimsical Labels /Modern Labels / Airy Labels Elegant Bathroom Labels / Refrigerator Labels / Herb Labels Happy Friday! I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday and redoing some of my chalkboard labels that had smudged when I figured I could do a quick resource round-up. So in short, here are a few fun printables I found […]

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living room, vintage, tiny, small

Finishing the Living Room

These past few weeks I decided to take some personal time. I was feeling overwhelmed with responsibility both at work and in my personal life. And how had I been in my current place for nearly 9 months and not have finished decorating a single space? I was starting to feel unhappy coming home to […]

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Tiny Living Room Inspiration

As much as I love my tiny living room, it remains semi-empty with only a couch and a rug. I’m waiting until I find the perfect pieces and then I’ll figure out how to arrange them. (Still no coffee table for me…) For now, I find hope in these inspiring, tiny living rooms. Image sources: […]

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tiny living room

The Story of My Tiny Living Room

Decorating my home has been the most time consuming, challenging decor task I’ve ever had. As soon as I think I’m getting somewhere with one room, I decide another room isn’t working for me. It’s a running joke that I’ll never be finished and this house will consume me. The good thing is that kitchen, […]

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diy thrift store frame

DIY Photo Frame Makeover

Thrift stores are the best place to get picture frames. There’s really no need to pay so much money at the store for one when thrift stores are usually overflowing with these. The main problem with the frames found at the thrift stores is that… Well, they’re usually really ugly. I forgot to take a […]

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Closet Organization Project Update

Picking up from my last closet organization post, I wanted to share the latest look of my revamped space. After my last post, I decided that the shoes were taking up too much space and so was my IKEA Malm dresser. (For reference, my entire half of the duplex is a mere 450 sq. feet!) […]

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