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Minimalist Gardening and Propagating Succulents

Spring is here! Whether you’re still shoveling snow out of your driveway (yikes!) or enjoying the warmer weather, spring has arrived nonetheless. I was biking to work the other morning on our local bike path and the amount of flowers and overgrowth along the way completely made my day. I’ve always considered winter to be […]

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The Simple Happiness of Positivity

I’ve been hiking, backpacking, and camping oh-so-frequently lately! In my previous post I featured the Hollywood sign from pretty far away. Last week I hiked from Burbank (the long way…) over a few peaks until I got to the back of the Hollywood sign. From any angle, even the back, this sign still makes me […]

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hollywood sign

When It Rains, It Pours

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about three years now and we haven’t had proper rain since I’ve been here. Last week, however, certainly made up for it as we had the biggest rainstorm in over five years! My brother came to visit the past week, so we hit a ton of the area’s popular […]

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deep meaningful conversations

Deep Meaningful Conversations

I was tagged by the lovely AJ over at The AJ Minute to do this tag titled “Deep Meaningful Conversations” originally created by Sinead from Dreaming Again. Please feel free to participate, and comment below with your blog if you’ve decided to answer! If you’re a new reader, I hope this allows you to know […]

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A Year in Review: 2013

Are you making a new year resolution this year? If so, see my thoughts on How to Make A Proper New Year Resolution. I’ve also written about resolutions and listed resources on how to prepare for next year. (On a side note, can you believe how long my blog has been around?) I personally don’t […]

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christmas 2013

Merry Christmas from One Parade!

It figures that the one time Max should actually be in one of my photos, he doesn’t want to! I can’t win. (See Max photobombing me here and here.) Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone who stumbles across this little blog. I am lucky enough to spend this time with my family in Florida, […]

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Wordpress Theme

A New Venture: WordPress Themes

Exciting news! If you follow One Parade’s Facebook page, you probably already heard. After tons of hard work, I’ve launched my first Etsy shop called Parade Themes. There’s only one theme available at the moment, Mountain Sound, but more will come over time. The premise is providing minimalist but still-pretty WordPress themes for everyone to […]

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Cold Weather Update

A Cold Weather Update

My New (and Old) Neighbors Colder weather leaves me to find interesting visitors in my yard… So far, the fat squirrel has returned to stock up on my bird seed and a family of raccoons come down my tree at night to see what I’ve left them in the trash. While this might seem like […]

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Twenty-Six and The Art of Patience

Not too long ago I talked about the art of acceptance. This month has been a challenge of patience. I am a private person settled in my ways (yes, I’m going to be an awesome grump when I’m older) and I enjoy time alone during the week. My mom has come to visit me and […]

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Seattle and the Art of Acceptance

I went to Seattle for the weekend. “Why Seattle?” “Are you going alone?” “Aren’t you afraid? Won’t you be lonely?” “Don’t you have anyone to go with you?” Most of the reactions I got were along these lines. I went from being excited to insecure to thinking everyone felt sorry for me. And when the […]

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