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Extreme Couponing: The Art of Making Tremendous Savings

Which shopper wouldn’t wish to get money back rather than giving it out when they go shopping? This is exactly what extreme couponers aim to do whenever they go shopping. This activity can take a great deal of your time and energy, but a number of extreme couponers call it the adventure of finding the […]

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deal with stress

5 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress

1. Disconnect Digitally We’re always connected these days. Smartphones have allowed us to receive and send information so seamlessly in different ways, it can be hard to take a break from work or the digital world if your phone won’t give you a break from those push notifications and messages. If you want to relax, […]

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help budget how to

A Different Way to Create a Budget

Well, most of us are familiar with couponing and getting deals & freebies that can help us save on most things we buy online. This doesn’t mean hours and hours detective-like work since there are services devoted entirely to helping you find the beast deals and latest coupon codes. For example, instead of searching for […]

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small bedroom

Saving Space in Small Bedrooms

If you find that you struggle to fit all your living necessities in your home, you are not alone – a study published last year by the University of Cambridge found that Britons have the most cramped homes in Europe. Bedrooms are especially tricky to maximise, particularly in shared houses, where communal areas cannot be […]

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organizing the home

10 Tips to Organize Your Home Finances in a Single Weekend

Organizing your home finances may sound like an overwhelming task, but, with proper planning, you can get it all done in just a couple of days. Here are 10 tips to organize your home finances over one weekend: Create a Filing System and File Appropriate Documents First, you’ll want to gather all of your financial […]

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eco-friendly home

Be Friendly: Design Your Home with an Ecological Budget

There is a good chance that you will do a number of things in your home and community with the environment in mind. After all, you will want to protect the world and its atmosphere for yourself and generations yet to come. Despite your efforts, there is probably more that you could do, especially during […]

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Minimalist Gardening and Propagating Succulents

Spring is here! Whether you’re still shoveling snow out of your driveway (yikes!) or enjoying the warmer weather, spring has arrived nonetheless. I was biking to work the other morning on our local bike path and the amount of flowers and overgrowth along the way completely made my day. I’ve always considered winter to be […]

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The Simple Happiness of Positivity

I’ve been hiking, backpacking, and camping oh-so-frequently lately! In my previous post I featured the Hollywood sign from pretty far away. Last week I hiked from Burbank (the long way…) over a few peaks until I got to the back of the Hollywood sign. From any angle, even the back, this sign still makes me […]

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minimalist jewelry collection

Anatomy of a Minimalist Jewelry Collection

Last year when I began downsizing, I had one of these jewelry cases filled to the brim. I would store it in my bedroom and consistently forget about it, and I ended either rarely wearing any jewelry or wearing the same things over and over again. When I did move about a year ago, I […]

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Using The Test of Time to Live Minimalist

Whenever you run out of something or find yourself without an item you think you might need, try going without for as long as you can. See it as a “test” to judge how necessary that item is. This won’t always be a hit, but you’ll slowly get to know yourself and what you really […]

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