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Minimalist Gardening and Propagating Succulents

Spring is here! Whether you’re still shoveling snow out of your driveway (yikes!) or enjoying the warmer weather, spring has arrived nonetheless. I was biking to work the other morning on our local bike path and the amount of flowers and overgrowth along the way completely made my day. I’ve always considered winter to be […]

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The Simple Happiness of Positivity

I’ve been hiking, backpacking, and camping oh-so-frequently lately! In my previous post I featured the Hollywood sign from pretty far away. Last week I hiked from Burbank (the long way…) over a few peaks until I got to the back of the Hollywood sign. From any angle, even the back, this sign still makes me […]

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minimalist jewelry collection

Anatomy of a Minimalist Jewelry Collection

Last year when I began downsizing, I had one of these jewelry cases filled to the brim. I would store it in my bedroom and consistently forget about it, and I ended either rarely wearing any jewelry or wearing the same things over and over again. When I did move about a year ago, I […]

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Using The Test of Time to Live Minimalist

Whenever you run out of something or find yourself without an item you think you might need, try going without for as long as you can. See it as a “test” to judge how necessary that item is. This won’t always be a hit, but you’ll slowly get to know yourself and what you really […]

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Letting Go of What You Like — But Not Really

Have you ever heard this phrase?: “I really like ___, but not on me.” This is an interesting phenomenon. You really like something — an outfit style, a make-up product, an interior decor, a hairstyle — but when it comes into your life, you either don’t end up using it or don’t like it after […]

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simple single player games

Simple Pleasures: Single Player Games

While playing games with friends is a lot of fun, there’s something special about playing on your own. Personally, I have a list of favorite games I play while lounging at home watching a movie, waiting for dinner to finish, or otherwise relaxing on a lazy Sunday. I have a lot to be thankful for […]

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5 Apps that Simplify Your Life

Sometimes apps can get in the way of truly appreciating moments. I’ve been to parties, lunches, and similar get-togethers where everyone except me was on their phone and no one was keeping the conversation going. I’ve even tried to give out the snake eye and the common, “So what are you doing over there?” Unfortunately, […]

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How to Be More Low-Maintenance

I think a lot of us stress out about our appearance and try to cut down on how long it takes us to get out of the door. To truly live simply and minimalist as a woman can be difficult at times. So how can you be more low-maintenance to make your day-to-day life simpler? […]

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How to Make a House a Home

When you move into a new place, you often consider essentials you’ll need — utensils, a couch, a lamp, etc. But what about the hidden essentials? I term ‘hidden essentials’ the little things that create homeliness. I came across this situation after I moved into my new duplex and couldn’t get myself to feel comfortable. […]

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Simple Pleasures: Digital Media Indulgence

Watching YouTube and reading blogs are probably my biggest guilty pleasures (right next to Netflix marathons). As much as I also love the outdoors, nature, hiking, and biking, there’s something special about sitting down in my living room and indulging in content created to inspire me. I think everyone has a similar guilty pleasure. When […]

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