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Closet Organization Project Update

A few changes have been brewing around my closet, which I thought I was nearly finished polishing up about seven months ago. (Jeez, time flies!) I finally have a curtain up to hide the space when not in use. After almost giving up on a scarf solution, I figured I’d hang them. My room is […]

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Finishing the Living Room

These past few weeks I decided to take some personal time. I was feeling overwhelmed with responsibility both at work and in my personal life. And how had I been in my current place for nearly 9 months and not have finished decorating a single space? I was starting to feel unhappy coming home to […]

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The Story of My Tiny Living Room

Decorating my home has been the most time consuming, challenging decor task I’ve ever had. As soon as I think I’m getting somewhere with one room, I decide another room isn’t working for me. It’s a running joke that I’ll never be finished and this house will consume me. The good thing is that kitchen, […]

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Closet Organization Project Update

Picking up from my last closet organization post, I wanted to share the latest look of my revamped space. After my last post, I decided that the shoes were taking up too much space and so was my IKEA Malm dresser. (For reference, my entire half of the duplex is a mere 450 sq. feet!) […]

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DIY Headboard Tutorial

OK you guys, this was kind of a fail DIY. (It happens to the best of us.) A friend of mine claims it looks great, but he’s just being nice. I’ve named my headboard Mr. Lumpy. But hey, I still saved myself a few hundred bucks. And it’s comfortably lumpy. Here is a tutorial for […]

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Goodbye, Pink Living Room

Remember how I painted my living room two different shades of pink before finding the right one? It was inspired by this picture. How perfectly pulled-off is this? My problem is that I get tired of color… Very quickly. I decided to paint over it. It’s now a neutral gray and rearranged. (Pictures and details […]

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My Living Room Decor Over Time

Moving In: January 2013 Settling Down: February 2013 Conceptualizing: April 2013 In Progress of Finalizing: Present The living room has gone through a lot of changes since I moved in, but I finally have an arrangement that is most utilitarian while not looking completely ridiculous. Also, I got a lot better at figuring out how […]

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My DIY Closet Organization Project

The Closet Makeover – The Before The first thing I did was take off the heavy, inconvenient wooden slabs that were supposed to be closet doors. The bright yellow knobs are from Anthropologie. Check out similar Anthropologie knobs for simple room revamps! I’ve made yellow my room’s highlight color, and I can’t wait until it […]

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2013 Home Tour

Sorry about the poor quality images, but I had to take these with my iPhone at the open house. That being said, this is my new home! Over time, you’ll see some DIY projects I’ve been doing to make the most of this tiny (and really old) space. Consider these the before pictures! This is […]

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DIY Easy Wall Frame Gallery

I’d been contemplating how to solve the “empty” look in my living room. My decorating style is minimalist (big surprise) but it still looked too empty for my taste. I like a safe middle ground between simple and decorative. I was performing my daily Pinterest browse when I stumbled upon a frame gallery board. Light […]

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