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gardening with kids

Making Your Garden Child-Friendly

With the spring season upon us, it is likely that kids will want to run free outside in the pleasant weather once again; and not just for hunting Easter eggs! Therefore, it is no wonder that you may be concerned as to whether or not your own garden is child friendly. Not to worry however, […]

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Using “The 2 Minute Rule” to Stay Clean

Have you ever heard of “The 2 Minute Rule?” The concept is easy. If it takes you less than two minutes to do something, do it right now. I’ve usually always applied this rule, but I never knew it had a name until a friend of mine started trying it out. (He’s loving it, by the […]

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10 Organizing Solutions Under $10

Sometimes my ability to be a perfectionist clashes with my wallet. However, I’ve recently come to find that it doesn’t have to be expensive to beautifully organize your space. Was one of your new year goals to organize your space? Here are a few of my finds for organizing on the cheap, but still making […]

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minimalist makeup collection

5 Ways to Pare Down Your Make-Up Collection

When girls think of purging and downsizing their “stuff,” I think a picture of one’s closet first comes to mind. (Which is why I wrote How to Clean Out Your Closet.) But what about your other beauty related collections, like make-up and nail polish? I keep my entire collection in a small box. If it […]

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kitchen organization

Free Label Printables for Organization

Whimsical Labels /Modern Labels / Airy Labels Elegant Bathroom Labels / Refrigerator Labels / Herb Labels Happy Friday! I was cleaning my kitchen yesterday and redoing some of my chalkboard labels that had smudged when I figured I could do a quick resource round-up. So in short, here are a few fun printables I found […]

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Closet Organization Project Update

Picking up from my last closet organization post, I wanted to share the latest look of my revamped space. After my last post, I decided that the shoes were taking up too much space and so was my IKEA Malm dresser. (For reference, my entire half of the duplex is a mere 450 sq. feet!) […]

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My DIY Closet Organization Project

The Closet Makeover – The Before The first thing I did was take off the heavy, inconvenient wooden slabs that were supposed to be closet doors. The bright yellow knobs are from Anthropologie. Check out similar Anthropologie knobs for simple room revamps! I’ve made yellow my room’s highlight color, and I can’t wait until it […]

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personal social accounts

How to Organize Privacy on Social Networks

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Renee of The Life Lushious.  We love social media. It helps us stay connected to family, friends, acquaintances, brands, and companies. We use it to market our businesses and ourselves to the masses. But what about keeping our personal information safe? I’m going to give you the minimalist […]

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dresser drawer organization

Dresser Drawer Organization

I’ve haven’t been blogging as often as usual, and for that I apologize. We’re still settling in to our new place after the move. As you can imagine, this will warrant some new updates to the My Home section of the blog! However, it’s too embarrassing to display in its current state. I’m hoping I […]

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key accessories

Keep Your Keychain Simple

Sometimes simplifying your life gets down to the simple, everyday things. Most adults begin owning things such as a car, bike, place to live, etc. When this happens, chances are your key collection will expand. Bring in factors like cute keychain accessories and club tags, and you might have yourself a messy disaster. This is […]

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