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Ever since I posted my coconut oil hair tutorial, I’ve been getting a ton of questions. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to ask more questions in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer!

How do I wash coconut oil out of my hair?

The answer to this depends on how much you’ve put in.

If, like me, you put a dime amount of coconut oil in your hair after a shower, you don’t have to worry about this. The oil will wash out with your next shampoo.

If you have completely saturated your hair with the oil for an overnight treatment or quick hair mask, I recommend shampooing and letting the shampoo sit in your hair for 1-2 minutes. This should allow the shampoo enough time to break down the oil. Shampoo again if you need to. As a last resort you can use a natural clarifying shampoo like the Avalon Organics Clarifying Shampoo, which is made to strip everything out of your hair. However, I only recommend this as a last resort because it will also dry your hair of moisturizers the coconut oil just put in.

Do you have to heat up coconut oil before putting it in your hair?

Yes. This not only makes it easier to work through your hair, but it will absorb much better into the hair shaft. Please note that you don’t have to make it too hot (please don’t burn yourself!) and a few seconds in the microwave should do.

It’s best to spoon out the desired amount and heat in the microwave if you’re doing a mask. If just applying as a serum after a shower, I simply run my hands together with a dime size amount to melt it and work it through my hair.

Coconut oil melts very easily. My house does not have air conditioning, and in the summer I have to put it in the refrigerator or else my entire jar melts!

Can I leave coconut oil in my hair overnight?

Sure, why not? This will allow your hair to really reap the benefits of the oil. Just make sure to sleep in a shower cap, and if you have trouble rinsing it in the morning check out my tips above on washing out coconut oil from hair.

Can coconut oil help my scalp heal from psoriasis, dandruff, or dry flakes?

This is one of the greatest benefits of coconut oil. Many of us forget that our scalp requires just as much love as the rest of our skin! If you think about it, your scalp goes through a lot — sun exposure, hair products, harsh shampoos… Letting your scalp moisturize with the oil and absorb extra vitamins will soothe the skin and you’ll have less flakiness and other annoying skin symptoms, regardless of the condition you’re dealing with.

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