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I remember when colored contacts were first being released in the US through prescriptions. I was probably in the fifth grade, and after a few friends discovered them I was dying to try. Unfortunately for me at the time, I had no need for contacts. Also, they were far less natural and comfortable than they are today.

These days they’re still available by prescription but they’re also easily attainable online. You can even order them plain if you have perfect vision, which was unheard of when I was a kid. I now consider colored contacts an accessory — it’s no different than dying your hair for a new look. Fortunately, lenses aren’t permanent! Therefore, they become a more casual way of changing your look without a permanent commitment or many trips to the salon and an empty wallet.

Of course, availability comes with issues:

  • People will be uneducated about lenses and perhaps get the wrong type or use them incorrectly, resulting in permanent damage to their eyes.
  • These days anyone with a credit card or PayPal account can easily obtain them.
  • It’s important to order from a legitimate source.
  • In addition to lenses, things like solutions and cases are needed.

I’ve personally ordered colored contact lenses from HoneyColor, and you can read my review here. After much thought, I believe my lenses were defective and that’s why they were so uncomfortable. I’d like to try a blue pair in the future.

What do you think about colored lenses? Dangerous or yet another casual accessory? Personally, I can’t wait until wigs are widely accepted. Before you know it we’ll look like the people of the Capitol.

Image Source: 1 (Aren’t her eyes gorgeous?)

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    Great informative post, i agree with you that we should always purchase lens from a certified shop.Should follow the instruction of the doctor and should keep them clean with a proper solution.

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