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We all need a space to escape to, preferably one just as comfortable as it is isolated. I could probably see myself taking a nap, reading a book, or browsing through magazines in my own little nook somewhere at home. It’s important to have your own little zen area somewhere.

One could argue creating a little comfort nook not only looks cute design-wise, but can sometimes save your sanity.

I’m hoping to create one somewhere in our new place, probably in the bedroom. It will be a challenge to do so in such a small space but that seems to be my major challenge with all the things I’d like to implement.

Here’s my current inspiration board. Give me a cup of coffee and my iPad with this set up, and I may never get out of the chair.

comfort nook

Featured: 1. Papasan Chair from Linen’s & Things, 2.Red Flocked Floral Toss Pillow from Pillow Perfect, 3.Popcorn Ivory Throw from Pier 1, 4.VEJMON Side Table from IKEA, 5.VÄTE Table Lamp from IKEA, 6.Linen & Lavender Candle from SCENTATIONS,

Do you have a quiet place to escape to?

  • Jenny

    I’ve always read on my bed, but now that my room has more space, I want to create a reading nook as well :) I have space right by my windows and bookshelf, so all I need is a comfy chair now. Love the nook you’ve created, it looks really cozy!

    • Marjorie |

      Thanks! I usually read…everywhere. It’d be nice to have one spot. :) I’m like you, all I need is a big comfy chair!

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