pink room

Remember how I painted my living room two different shades of pink before finding the right one? It was inspired by this picture. How perfectly pulled-off is this?

My problem is that I get tired of color… Very quickly. I decided to paint over it. It’s now a neutral gray and rearranged. (Pictures and details soon!)

I’ve realized that I like a lot of things in concept, but not necessarily in practice. For example, white minimalist rooms. Oh well… It was fun while it lasted and I don’t regret the learning experience. I keep telling myself over and over to stay away from colors, but I think it’s just now sinking in. Finding your preferences for decor can take a little while. I’ve been in my new place for 6 months and I’m so close to finalizing everything, but it’s these minor touches that allow me to learn the Dos and Don’ts of styling a room.

I personally think my style is ending up closer to that of Victoria Smith’s of SFGirlbyBay. I mean, look at this combination of clean and rustic! So beautiful.

Have you ever thought you’d love a decor style, but found you weren’t a fan after implementing it yourself? How do you tackle trial and error?

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