For the first time today, I went hiking — in mountains. Huge mountains. There were times I wondered what I was doing there, like when I had to jump from boulder to boulder over a roaring river or balance on a wobbling log, but at the very end we came to a waterfall and I couldn’t have been happier. I was even happy after I fell into the river on the way back.

I’m really glad everything turned out the way it did in 2012, or else I wouldn’t have been able to start 2013 like this.

But tomorrow I think I’ll stay grounded and work on my garden.

How was your first week of the new year?

  • http://www.reneesharelle.com/ Renee Sharelle

    My first week of 2013 was somewhat boring. After the world didn’t end and Christmas was over, there wasn’t much to look forward to around here.

    I’m glad to see you going out and having fun! It really pays (both physically/mentally & emotionally) to be active after all you’ve been through!

    Falling in the river sounds like dangerous fun :D

    • http://one-parade.com Marjorie | One-Parade.com

      Hope your 2013 improves, Renee!

      Falling in the river was at first dreadful, then hilarious. And it was freeezing! (But I secretly loved it.)

  • http://justrealized.info/ Bonnie L

    Wow that looks amazing. I wish it was warm enough to do something like that here in Canada!

    I just enjoyed the rest of my week by meeting up with friends and family before work started :)

    • http://one-parade.com Marjorie | One-Parade.com

      Thanks, Bonnie! It was still quite chilly here in the mountains but I enjoyed every minute.

      Glad to hear you spent time with friends and family. That’s the best :)

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