Spring is here! Whether you’re still shoveling snow out of your driveway (yikes!) or enjoying the warmer weather, spring has arrived nonetheless. I was biking to work the other morning on our local bike path and the amount of flowers and overgrowth along the way completely made my day.

I’ve always considered winter to be my favorite season because I love to bundle up, but I think spring is quickly replacing the winner of that title. Having my own garden the past year or so has allowed me to appreciate all the blooming and thriving of plants, as there’s something special about seeing plants you tended to for so long coming into their own. I’ve also seen honey bees and lady bugs make their way back into my yard!

I’ve been experimenting with garden arrangements to find a layout that works for my plants, and I’m surprised to announce that they’re actually thriving. I also started taking cuttings of my succulents to propagate them, which is a great method to multiplying your plants by using what you already have. (Minimalist gardening, is there such a thing?)

To propagate succulents, you simply cut off a few pieces and allow the cuts to callous for about 24 hours in indirect light. Then dip them in rooting powder and plant them in small containers for a few weeks until new roots grow, watering every few days. After three to four weeks, I find the cuttings are ready to be planted into the garden.

Succulents are great for propagating, because they can grow roots from nearly any part of the existing plant — both stems and leaves can callous and grow new roots! I’ve already replanted a new set of them into my garden and I have a few more right now that are growing new roots. By the end of spring, I’m hoping my garden will look beautifully full.


Succulents are also easy-care plants that don’t require too much attention. They’re my absolute favorites and have done so well in Los Angeles climate! This book, Succulents Simplified, illustrates so many how-to’s and DIY projects that you can do with these cute plants.

How are you greeting spring this year, and do you also have a thriving garden this month?

  • Tess |

    It seems like your garden arrangements this year will be beautiful and full of vibrance and beauty! I was hoping to start on my garden early this year but we still have snow and it doesn’t look to go away quite yet! And on top of that, a new little one is keeping me busy, I’m not too sure how much time I will have to dedicate to gardening this year.
    Hope all goes well for you!

    • MJ @

      Thanks, Tess! I hope it’s not still snowing where you are… It’s insane to me that there are places still getting snow and we’re almost into May! Take care :)

  • Todd Whittaker

    I bought Lee some succulents for Valentine’s Day. They’re struggling because of Kansas’ crazy weather this year. It is literally 40 degrees one day, and 77 the next. I wore shorts one weekend, and then scraped ice off my windshield the next Monday morning. I hope our plants survive until the warmer weather gets here, and they can get more sunlight. We put them in the window that gets the most sun in the meantime.

    Good luck with your garden this year! You’ll have to post pictures!

    • MJ

      Yikes! Kansas weather sounds crazy. They’re definitely thriving with my California weather… I can barely keep up pruning them! :) I hope they’re still doing well! As long as they’re getting enough light and draining REALLY well, they should be fine!

      Thanks Todd :)

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