2013 Home Tour

02/04/2013   My Home   4 Comments

Sorry about the poor quality images, but I had to take these with my iPhone at the open house.

That being said, this is my new home! Over time, you’ll see some DIY projects I’ve been doing to make the most of this tiny (and really old) space. Consider these the before pictures!


This is the bedroom corner. Love the wood floors, but they’ve proposed a new issue — noise and dirt!


My tiny closet and storage space. Obviously in need of an overhaul.


This is my bathroom, also in need of TLC.


The living room. My biggest issue with this space was how to arrange the furniture around the heater, and not make it look small. Major challenge!


The kitchen. Super tiny, but super adorable. Wait until you see my toy sized oven and fridge…

  • http://www.another-chapter.net/ Alix

    Looks super cute! I love those hardwood floors. I can’t wait to see what you do with the space.

  • http://geekyposh.com/ Jenny @ geekyposh.com

    Love the hardwood floors, can’t wait to see your updates on the space!

  • Angie

    You looking at those pictures I can tell that the place has a lot of potential, I’m sure you will turn it into a lovely living space. I love the floors :) I’m sick and tired of carpet myself… I just got a new place in San Diego and I can’t wait to decorate it, however since I just went through a pretty bitter divorce I’m super poor, so keep those DIY projects coming lol :)

  • http://www.reneesharelle.com/ Renee Sharelle

    I’m loving the space! Makes me miss my one bedroom, kitchen-cum-livingroom apartment from a few years ago. Decorating tiny spaces is so hard, cause you usually get the most creative ideas (for bigger spaces) when you are :(

    The hard-wood floors are awesome! I’m in love with the cabinets – they are so cute and quaint looking! My mom would absolutely love them :D

    I’ve seen your pictures (just one pic, I think?) on Instagram and I love that, too :D You’ll find that table, don’t worry :D

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