When It Rains, It Pours


hollywood sign

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for about three years now and we haven’t had proper rain since I’ve been here. Last week, however, certainly made up for it as we had the biggest rainstorm in over five years! My brother came to visit the past week, so we hit a ton of the area’s popular places including the Hollywood sign. This stuff never gets old, even while it’s raining.

The truth is that I have found myself becoming increasingly stressed out over the past few weeks, making the rainstorm seem oddly fitting towards my general mood. If you follow One Parade on Facebook, you know that I’ve been having a rough month or two this year. I don’t want to be too detailed, but the bottom line is that not being sure if you’re going to have a job in a few months really puts a halt on your day-to-day life and causes a huge amount of stress and foreboding.

I haven’t had time or desire to update much due to stress, but it occurred to me this week that it’s okay to have personal posts. I don’t like to do too much of them, because I feel like most of my readers come here for help on organizing or simplifying, but it’s all I can offer at this time.

Sorry, guys! And a huge hug to all readers who have stuck around through ups and downs with me. It’s not unnoticed.

Here are a few general updates I may be posting about in the near future:

  • ParadeThemes will hopefully have another theme or two up during the spring time.
  • I’m propagating a few succulent plants for the first time in my yard! So far I’m seeing success and I’m thrilled. At this rate, I’ll have succulents all over the place…
  • Went hiking last weekend to see a waterfall in the rain and it was awe inspiring. Going backpacking and staying out in the wilderness this entire weekend from Friday night to Sunday. Being out there helps me de-stress and forget the grown-up world for just a little while.
  • I have a plan written down on how to re-do my DIY Headboard as soon as I can afford the materials.
  • My kitchen has had some re-configuring and I’d like to share it when I have the chance.
  • I’ve rewritten my makeup collection post about 3 times because I keep using up items, but lately I’ve been happy enough to share soon.

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