Which shopper wouldn’t wish to get money back rather than giving it out when they go shopping? This is exactly what extreme couponers aim to do whenever they go shopping. This activity can take a great deal of your time and energy, but a number of extreme couponers call it the adventure of finding the good life on a budget, so they do not mind the hassle. They clip hundreds of coupons per week from various sources. Take a look at this article to learn some of their methods, which could also help you make immense savings on your own shopping.

1. How to Find Coupons

In the modern shopping space, there are a myriad of places that you can find coupons, both online and offline. Traditionally, newspapers and magazines have been the main source of clippable coupons and promo codes, but today you can get coupons through inserts from online firms such as SmartSource, sales fliers offered by your local store, email subscriptions, loyalty card programs, and also via dedicated coupon sites like and or There are many profitable reductions waiting for the customers, such as Kohl’s deals or promo codes for

2. Take Advantage of Catalinas

Catalinas refer to in-store coupons that are generated at the cash register and typically collected after each transaction. They normally expire after between 10 days and 3 months of being issued. A site like can also help you with information about catalinas currently being printed by your favorite retail store when you register there.

3. Visit Online Consumer Forums

In a bid to learn from each other, most extreme couponers will visit and leave comments on sites and online consumer forums such as Slick Deals or Hot Coupon World. Regularly visit such forums to learn more about the latest deals and stores that are running discounts at a particular time, both in the form of coupons, catalinas and other promo codes.

4. Stack Your Coupons

Another art towards extreme saving that extreme couponers have learnt is the stacking of coupons. For instance, if an in-store coupon gives you a $5 discount on a purchase of $35, and then a manufacturer coupon gives 15% off for the most-priced item, then you can wait until you will be shopping for expensive items and use them together. Combining a number of coupons that apply to different scenarios and using them in the same transaction can get you savings of up to 50% off your purchase!

5. Use Competitor Catalinas Where Applicable

Some retail stores accept coupons printed by their competitors. Use these catalinas to take advantage of deals being run by such stores, rather than wait until your favorite store runs their own sale. You can even share your catalinas with your fellow couponers at a time when you are not using them, so that they can also reciprocate later when you’re in need.

6. Be Considerate of Others

Since the extreme couponing transactions often take some time, it is advisable to go to the store during off-peak hours. Thanks to that, you won’t make other shoppers in the queue impatient. You may also consider having a copy of your store’s coupon policy or sale flyer to make the transaction faster for both the cashier and other customers.

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When it comes to creating a new look for your home, it can be difficult to find pieces that fit into your vision of what your living space needs to look like. When this happens, sometimes, the best option is to roll up your sleeves and get the work done yourself. Need an idea to jumpstart your DIY décor projects? Try this amazing Pottery Barn-inspired bingo board tray from Funky Junk Interiors.


Donna started her project as part of a competition several years ago, before bingo was a big thing again. Bingo has become quite popular again, with Free Bingo Hunter reporting that there are over 350 online bingo portals in the UK to date, creating an industry that makes $557 million annually. But old bingo boards and cards have pretty much retained their retro vibe, making this project ideal for those who want to create a vintage feel in their living space.

The project involves quite a bit of woodwork, but it’s fairly simple. All you need to do is find wood that you like, and stain and varnish it in a shade you think will fit in with the rest of your décor.

2010 bingo board-3

Afterwards, a stencil can be printed out and painted over, creating your bingo board.


Adding some indentations and distressing the surface of the wood can help create a more textured, worn-out feel.


The board can serve not just as a great tabletopper, but as a tray as well. You can even hang it on your wall and create a bingo-themed room. This project would work well with Garden Therapy’s Simple Wood Coasters, which you can paint to look like bingo balls, rounding out the bingo theme, as well as the rustic, vintage feel of the room you are designing.


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Leather Honey Conditioner & Cleaner

Price: $15.25 for 8 ounces

As I get older, I tend to realize that quality trumps quantity. When it goes to buying new shoes, this is no exception! I recently purchased a pair of leather Aldo flats (on sale, might I add) which were incredibly comfortable and such a great find. However, they are genuine leather and I knew they would require some attention to stay looking great.

Once the shoes broke in nicely to fit my feet, I also noticed they had gotten pretty scuffed! You’ll note all the white marks, what I thought were scratches and/or my expensive shoes falling apart:


They definitely needed their first treatment of leather conditioner at this point. I decided to try the Leather Honey brand, which is the first choice on Amazon. These are my thoughts:

The Good:

  • No smell
  • Clear, not messy
  • Immediate results

The Bad:

  • Thick solution



Full Review

As you can see, the product did its job very well! I’m not surprised it has so many good reviews already on Amazon. Unlike a ton of leather cleaners out there, it’s clear and does not have a smell. This made cleaning relatively painless, I didn’t have to wear gloves or do it outside. (Though I did anticipate a smell, which is why I went outside!) The results were immediate, the leather looked shiny and conditioned even though I had to let it sit a minimum of 2 more hours before I could shine them. The dirt and what I thought were scratches cleaned right off.

The only downside to this product that I noticed, which wasn’t too big of a deal, is that the product is fairly thick. This means you’ll probably need a decent chunk of it to get the job done, more-so if you have a big clean-up, and it takes a while to spread evenly.

Overall, I’m incredibly pleased with Leather Honey! They offer a conditioner, which I used in this review, but I also have their cleaner which works just as well between conditionings. If you also have a few well-loved leather products that could use a pick-me-up, I highly recommend trying this one.

Where to Purchase

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gardening with kids

With the spring season upon us, it is likely that kids will want to run free outside in the pleasant weather once again; and not just for hunting Easter eggs! Therefore, it is no wonder that you may be concerned as to whether or not your own garden is child friendly. Not to worry however, as making a garden suitable for children is easier than you would think.

The Main Concern: Security!

When making your garden suitable for kids, the main question is how do I keep my children safe? This is something that can be tackled easily by taking a few simple precautions like adding a gate to ensure that they do not suddenly decide to venture outside without you, for example! A lesser unknown no-no for the garden is the exclusion of dangerous plants however. Plants with thorns are the obvious ones, but also ones such as Yew or Laburnum should definitely be avoided as well.


A must for any child-friendly garden to keep your kids stimulated. Supplying activities for children in the garden allows them to create strong and positive memories of being outside that will stay with them forever. This does not mean however that you need to give them a full itinerary of things to do; giving them a choice of playing on a slide or swing or making a den is something that all kids will appreciate. You could also join in on the fun yourself by letting them to help you plant herbs as a small garden project that also gives you the opportunity of spending quality time with them.


Fun is a key part of keeping your garden child-friendly, but you also do not want it to look messy either for the more adult occasions. Therefore, equip your garden with small storage outlet to keep toys from being scattered all across the grass. A great and less intrusive way of doing this could me placing toys inside a log cabin for when not in use. The cabins such as the ones made by iLikeLogCabins are stylistically generous in terms of space, perfect for putting away outdoor toys while also being able for other uses as well.

With these few simple things to keep in mind, it should be a less daunting task of keeping your children safe as well as stimulated whilst out in the garden. However if in doubt, offer other helpful tips on making your garden child-friendly; ultimately keeping you and your child satisfied whilst experiencing the refreshing outdoors.

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make the most of your attic

Many attics fall foul of ‘dumping ground’ syndrome, where you open the door, throw in the items and run. With a little organization and a few tweaks, they can be so much more.

Floor & Walls

If you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea to board out the floor, making sure you have plenty of insulation underneath. This will allow you to walk around without fear of putting your foot between the joist beams, plus it makes keeping the attic clean far easier. You could also put plasterboard on the walls, giving you the potential to use it as a guest or play room. Electric sockets would be useful too, for charging power tools, for instance.


Zone your items, with things that you’re likely to need more frequently placed near the door, rather than the holiday decorations. Keep similar items together, in clearly labelled or color-coded boxes. Shelving units are ideal, even if only for the gable-end walls, as they free up floor space. If you use vacuum bags for storing linens and clothing, ensure the items have been freshly cleaned or laundered prior to storing, otherwise unseen moth eggs can hatch and do a lot of damage. When stowing luggage, think of a Russian doll: shoulder bag inside carry on bag, which goes into a large suitcase. However you organize your items, try to make it so you can locate things at a glance, and it’s easy to sweep or vacuum into every corner.

Light & Heat

A single bulb dangling from a cord is not sufficient. You need light to reach all areas, particularly if you’re going to use your attic for something other than storage. LED strip lighting is energy efficient and comes flexible or rigid, making it suitable for all sorts of spaces.

Keeping your attic aired out is important, so if possible, install a window or two. Depending on the weather, it’s good to get the air circulating as often as possible. If it’s not easy to manoeuver yourself past the stowed items to get to the windows, there is a solution. Electric window-openers, such as those sold by Rocburn, will open and shut the windows at the flick of a switch. There’s even a sensor available which will shut the windows automatically, if it starts to rain. If you can’t install windows and your attic collects moisture, a dehumidifier can help to solve the problem.

With the proper organization, your attic can hold much more than you’d imagine. By boarding it out and adding windows, you can have that much-needed extra room.

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