The Story of My Tiny Living Room

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tiny living room

Decorating my home has been the most time consuming, challenging decor task I’ve ever had. As soon as I think I’m getting somewhere with one room, I decide another room isn’t working for me. It’s a running joke that I’ll never be finished and this house will consume me.

The good thing is that kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are now near complete. (The bedroom being quite the accomplishment, as it was always saved for last.)

When I finished the bedroom, I was pretty satisfied. Then a surprise was thrown my way — the people who wanted to by my end tables (which didn’t fit in my living room) also wanted my coffee table. I liked my coffee table. After much deliberation and exhaustion of trying to sell these end tables, I gave in. That left me with the barest living room, and I realized the living room needed major help.

My living room has, by far, undergone the most re-dos out of my entire house. My house is 450 sq. ft. and when I first saw this house my thought was, “Can I even make this living room work? It’s smaller than my bedroom!” And thus it became the thorn in my side — the room that welcomed me home every day but never felt cozy.

And that’s my goal. This room needs to be cozy, functional, and welcome me home. It’s never done that so far, and now that it’s barren I have my work cut out for me.

My dining chair was placed in the above pictures to test for space if I bought a few more chairs for seating. I don’t know if they’ll fit. How do I make this space more inviting? Will chairs do the trick, even if they take up all the extra space? What type of coffee table do I need? Will I ever find an unobtrusive place to store my daily-use bike? If I just put a coffee table and nothing else, wont’ it still look empty?

I don’t have any answers to these questions. For now, I spend my time stalking Craigslist and local thrift stores, gawking at beautiful photos on Pinterest of people that figured it out. (Like this one. Seriously?)

How would you make  a small room cozy without looking cluttered?

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