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A couple of months ago I installed a bird feeder in my yard. It didn’t have many visitors, and it took me a while to get the right seeds for birds in my neighborhood.

Eventually I noticed the number of seeds were dwindling down, but I hadn’t seen any birds around. A few weeks ago I finally saw the family of Western Scrub-Jays get their breakfast.

The funny thing is… They’re a little to big for this bird feeder! I’ll have to grab another one for them so that they can balance better. I’m also planning a bird bath. Naturally, I’m going to be building these things myself instead of paying for overpriced features or a plastic contraption.

DIY Bird Features For Your Yard

  1. Terracotta Bird Bath: This tutorial uses a terracotta pot, saucer, and lamp base.
  2. Pinecone Feeder: As featured previously on One Parade, make a bird feeder that will attract birds (and squirrels) using items you probably already have.
  3. Stone Bird Bath: Gather stones around your yard to create a unique bird bath.
  4. Teapot Bird Nest: Find an old teapot for a little hangout spot or potential nest.
  5. Teacup Bird Feeder: Re-use a teacup to display the cutest bird feeder ever, tiny shade umbrella included.

Watching birds in your backyard isn’t only peaceful, but there’s a strange sense of accomplishment in getting these beautiful birds to enjoy your home. By upcycling and reusing items around the house, it’s pretty easy to make your yard inviting so that you can sit down and enjoy the view.

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