Watching YouTube and reading blogs are probably my biggest guilty pleasures (right next to Netflix marathons). As much as I also love the outdoors, nature, hiking, and biking, there’s something special about sitting down in my living room and indulging in content created to inspire me.

I think everyone has a similar guilty pleasure. When you grab that hot beverage on Saturday morning, whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, what else are you doing? It could be reading emails, watching the news, the list goes on.

While I do encourage having quiet moments without digital distractions, it’s never bad to occasionally indulge. These are the little things that make you happy, which allow you to look forward to that lazy weekend morning.

Like most things done in moderation, I would also be careful with my indulgences. For example, if you tend to follow many beauty channels on YouTube and watch them all in one morning, you’re more likely to go impulse shopping. Instead, choose what you read carefully and with intention. Choose people who inspire you for the right reasons to better yourself, introduce you to new things without overwhelming you.

What’s on your list? Do share!

My Digital Indulgence List

  1. Manhattan Nest: I like that Daniel documents his DIY home improvement ventures, because it allows me to get my fix in. Plus, his pups are cuties.
  2. The Dainty Squid: Kaylah is quirky in all the right ways, and I enjoy reading her simple blog posts about what’s going on around her home.
  3. Marie Forleo: My one-stop shop for business and career related inspiration. Marie never lets me down. (And she’s hilarious.)
  4. Pinksofoxy: I’ve only recently started watching Christine, but her videos on simplifying her life really match up with my own priorities.
  5. The Minimalists: These guys tell it like it is. It’s a great way to start your day on the right track.
  6. Zen Habits: One of the holy grail blogs every minimalist fan follows. Warning: You could spend hours here.

More Of The ‘Simple Pleasures’ Series

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  • Tess |

    Happy belated new year to you! I am completely guilty for the digital indulgences!! These days though however, I have asked the hubby for one night where we do not have the TV on (we’re movie fiends) and on saturday mornings, I love being able to make breakfast and watching Gordon Ramsey cook in his own home as well. Such fantastic technological era we live in! :)

    • MJ @

      Happy belated new year, Tess! I agree with you. While it’s nice to take a break from them, sometimes it’s so nice to have these types of things around. :)

      (On a side note, isn’t Gordon Ramsey the best?!)

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