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There’s a gray area between minimalist decor and clutter. I would consider my decorating style somewhere in the middle.

As far as simplifying your life, I think it’s important to bring a room down to the bare minimum you can handle. Some people can get rid of everything, others need more to stay happy.

The easiest way to figure out what works for you is starting with a bare room and gradually decorating until satisfied. It’s much easier to do things this way rather than take away from what already exists, because you’re likely attached to many items.

Why is this important? Walking into a room with just the right amount of objects for decor can provide various benefits:

  • It relaxes you. The view eases stress, rather than immediately overwhelming you with eye-candy overload.
  • You focus on art. Having only a few items allows focus on special pieces or artwork, rather than having too much competing for attention. Quality versus quantity!
  • You’re inspired. Until I decorated my area of the office, I wasn’t inspired to blog. The right amount of decoration will neither overwhelm or underwhelm you, which allows room for inspiration and ideas to flow.
  • It centers your mind. You should have functional pieces and decorations, but not too much of each. You should feel comfortable and happy walking into the room to focus on why you walked in there in the first place.

After unpacking from my move to a bigger place, I found it too minimalist for my taste. I’m still adding quality pieces that make me happy, and I hope soon that I can experience the points above in every room!

If you’re having trouble limiting the amount of decoration you have, look out for a post on handling collections and holding onto items for decor.

Where is your line between minimalist and clutter? Do you need to do some organizing?

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