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Anatomy of a Minimalist Jewelry Collection

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minimalist jewelry collection

Last year when I began downsizing, I had one of these jewelry cases filled to the brim. I would store it in my bedroom and consistently forget about it, and I ended either rarely wearing any jewelry or wearing the same things over and over again.

When I did move about a year ago, I donated the jewelry case and much of the jewelry inside it, keeping only a few rings handed down to me and a pair of earrings from my mother. It was also refreshing for me at the time, because I had a lot of jewelry that reminded me of my former fiance that I didn’t have the heart to let go of quite yet. I ended up selling those.

I’m now left with what you see in the photo, a minimalist jewelry collection on my night stand that gently reminds me of my favorite pieces:

The key to a minimalist jewelry collection is to only keep items that are well made, have special meaning, or will be used on a weekly basis. While it’s okay to keep one or two things for a special occasion, it can quickly lead to a collection that gets out of hand.

As most of my collection is gifted, I don’t buy any more jewelry. If something caught my eye or was gifted again, I judge if the collection can be neatly added. If not, I remove an item to keep an item. And that’s the true key to keeping anything simple and organized!

How many items are in you jewelry collection?

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