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There are a few things I don’t like talking about in public with people I’m not familiar with:

  • Vegetarianism
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Minimalism

That last one may be a shocker, but it’s true. Here’s what they all have in common: an immediate negative vibe. Bringing up any of these topics and the other person will automatically tense.

Sometimes they’ll go on the defensive as soon as you bring up the topic, hoping by the end of the conversation you’ll have the same opinion they do.

That’s because the topics listed above are very personal and everyone has a different view. You’re not likely to sway one person on these topics. They have to get there themselves, if they want to go there.

But I want to focus on minimalism.

Many people within the minimalist community tend to think their view on minimalism is the best. They’re the one with just the right amount of things, and everyone else is doing it wrong.

Not true.

There is no correct way to be a minimalist, just like there is no correct side to politics or religion. Everyone has their own way of being, and everyone has a degree that works for them. It’s individual, and personal.

So if you’re afraid of calling yourself a minimalist or feel as though you’re not good enough to try, don’t be. If you just decluttered your living room, you had a minimalist moment. No matter what way you look at it, it’s a good thing.

Don’t be afraid to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. People will probably start asking you about it, and you’ll get to share your opinion. Sometimes people will say, “That wasn’t very minimalist of you,” and you can ignore them. No one is perfect, and I don’t think most of us are trying to go Gandhi on anyone.  Just enjoy the journey!

What are your thoughts on minimalism?

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Sometimes simplifying your life gets down to the simple, everyday things. Most adults begin owning things such as a car, bike, place to live, etc. When this happens, chances are your key collection will expand. Bring in factors like cute keychain accessories and club tags, and you might have yourself a messy disaster.

simple keychain

This is my current keychain. To be honest, I wish I just had one key. Unfortunately, my life requires this full set: car, apartment, bike gate, bike lock, apartment gate, Petco club card, and grocery club card. I’ve tried to keep it to the bare minimum, as much as I do like decorative accessories and having club cards handy.

Here’s how you can simplify your keychain:

  • Take keys off. If you haven’t used a key in one full week, you don’t need it on your daily keyring. Have it handy somewhere else in the home.
  • Get rid of club card tags. Did you know all club cards can be pulled up with your phone number? You don’t even need a physical card! Keep only what you use on a weekly basis, or if the place you shop has self check-out and requires a scan.
  • Only one accessory! It’s okay to accessorize your keychain, but I find one should be enough. If you have more decorative keychains than functioning keys, it’s almost defeating the purpose.
  • Use a strap. Something I’ve been meaning to pick up is a keychain strap. This makes finding your keys easier, and gives you a better way to hold them if your hands are full. Feeling creative? Here’s a great instructional post on how to make your own!

Why should you simplify your keychain? It just makes your life so much easier! And you have to admit, simple keychains are much more appealing.

leather keychain

make your own key strap

key accessories

Does your keychain look like something a janitor would carry, or do you like to keep it simple?

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minimal beauty

A lot of things come to mind hearing the word “minimalism,” but the topic of beauty isn’t usually one of the top ten. Lately I’ve been thinking about what it means trying to be a minimalist woman in today’s society.

I think the ultimate extreme of this is not wearing make-up, shaving my hair off, and wearing a cloth robe every day with no shoes. Hence the addition of “today’s society.” How do we take that into modern times?

When I think of minimalistic beauty I think of creating a routine for yourself that is fast, easy, and doesn’t require too many resources. A woman who looks effortless but put together is beautiful, in my opinion. Here’s how I would imagine minimalistic beauty for a woman who may look simple but still looks gorgeous:

  • Long hair. I had this internal debate for a while, but I’ve finally made up my mind. Long hair is the easier. I never have to think about it; I don’t even remember the last time I cut it! Shorter hair, while you may think takes less time to take care of, ends up being high maintenance when it comes to both trimming and style.
  • Natural make-up. While it would be great to purchase only cruelty-free make-up (it’s not hard ladies, really!) I think every girl needs a make-up routine that they can get done in five minutes. (Ten, tops!) Make-up should be about accentuating your natural look, not dramatizing it. It’s always great to have fun with make-up, but I usually save that for special events.
  • Conscious clothing. Be aware of what you’re buying. Whenever I buy clothes I ask myself if it’s a need or a want. Most of the time it’s a need, and if it’s a want I swap something out of my closet that I’m sick of and donate it. This way your clothes are kept at a minimum, but you can still enjoy shopping.
  • Quality accessories. I find that I only wear jewelry that has value, otherwise it gets tossed in a pile that I later give to a family member. Have only a few accessories, but make them special.
  • Necessary shoes & bags. I’m not a shoe person, but I admit that I have a thing for bags. Either way, I only keep an item that has a purpose. For example, one pair of sneakers, one shopping bag, one pair of brown heels, one tote bag, etc. Having a collection of shoes and bags in every color is just a no-no for simplicity.

What’s your idea of minimalistic beauty?  Do you consider yourself a minimalist or do you indulge when it comes to beautifying yourself every day?

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