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Are White Rooms a Minimalist Requirement?


A bare, white room is the epitome of minimalist decor. Plus, it photographs beautifully.

Yet somehow when I try it myself the room feels cold and bare. I think I’ve learned to accept that for me a bare white room is just too minimal, and that there are other ways to keep a room clean and simple.

To achieve a clean looking room

  • Softer colors. Trade bold color for a muted shade, so that the room is easy on the eyes with a tint of color. A pastel or tone with grayish tint is a good choice.
  • Clutter is never good. This is something I’m still working on too, as you can see in my progression of the living room.
  • Decorate, and then remove, remove, remove until you get that clean look. There’s a fine balance between too little decor and too much.
  • Use prints sparingly. It’s easy to go overboard on prints, which takes away from a clean look. If I want prints, I try to only have one print featured in the room either on pillows, curtains, or bedding.
  • Use color sparingly. In my new place, I decided white wasn’t working with my neutral decor. So I painted the walls in each room. In addition to this, I tried adding some color with pillows, prints, art, etc. and it became a little overwhelming to the simple look I was going for. I kept the walls and switched out other items. I also obtained artwork that went with the wall color to keep a more neutral, monochrome look.
  • Things can always be changed! I’ve painted my living room many times before I found the most comfortable color. I’ve gone through different artwork when it wasn’t feeling just right. Return items if you can, or re-sell them on eBay or Craigslist. If that fails, donate. Don’t settle until you have a room that’s simple in your eyes, but still utilitarian and homely.

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