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A Year in Review: 2013



Are you making a new year resolution this year? If so, see my thoughts on How to Make A Proper New Year Resolution. I’ve also written about resolutions and listed resources on how to prepare for next year.

(On a side note, can you believe how long my blog has been around?)

I personally don’t believe in making resolutions. However, I do believe in feeling inspired to change myself for the better next year and tackle a few challenges. I would like to simplify my weeks. I would like to simplify my meals. I would like to increase passion both in my career (even if it means a career change) and in my creative hobbies.

I also think it’s important to not jump so quickly into next year without recognizing the events of the year currently ending. While a few negative things happened to me this year, I’d rather look back on the positive.

A Recap of 2013

This year truly held a lot of firsts for me. I feel like it was the start of a new life. Cheers to 2014 and new opportunities for more firsts!

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