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How many new year resolutions have you made in your life time? How many have you followed through with?

Maybe this will give you an idea as to why I usually dislike hearing new year resolutions. People make a few mistakes when they decide upon theirs:

  • Making too many. I’ve heard people promise themselves an entire bucket list. Not going to happen.
  • Unrealistic wishes. Sometimes we tell ourselves we need to do something that just won’t happen, like a trip that takes years to save for or accomplishing something you know just isn’t your thing.
  • Focusing on short-term. Sometimes we don’t realize long term effects of our promises, or forget them after January altogether.
  • Negativity. I feel that instead of thinking about all the things in your life you want to change next year, realize how amazing your life is already. Some people scramble to find a resolution. If you don’t have one, is that really a problem? Sometimes bettering yourself isn’t a conscious process, but something that happens gradually.

Are resolutions evil? Of course not. But I think we often get carried away. Want to better yourself next year? So do I! Instead of resolutions, I recommend finding one thing you want to see a change in next year. Put your heart and soul into making that happen, but take it slowly. Want to run? Start walking every other day. Want to write a novel? Draft a few lines every day after breakfast. Want to put your life back together? Pick one little thing that would make a difference and fix it. One by one make your way to your goal. This will keep you from burning out and allow you to focus on one simple thing that will enhance your life.

What’s your resolution for 2012 and how will you approach it? And of course, wishing all of you lovely people a Happy New year!

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