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I always catch myself looking to see if I have a stray hair using the reflection of my iPhone. Or checking if my lipstick has faded by using the front-facing camera.

I can’t be the only one! If I am, my coworkers must think I’m insane.

It got me thinking how amazing these phones are. Not only can you get an app for everything, but they’ve replaced the pocket mirror. I don’t even know where my pocket mirror is, at this point.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this screen protector from the website I bought my iPhone case from, SwitchEasy:

mirror screen protector iphone

How cool is that? Now your phone can replace yet another item in your purse. Though I do wonder if this would get annoying and how well the screen would shine underneath. Does it work like a two-way mirror?

I hope one day my phone can also open my apartment door, turn on my car, and pay for me at checkout. I would have a major problem if I lost that, wouldn’t I?

Do you use your smartphone as a mirror? And would you ever buy a mirror screen protector?


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