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10 Organizing Solutions Under $10



Sometimes my ability to be a perfectionist clashes with my wallet. However, I’ve recently come to find that it doesn’t have to be expensive to beautifully organize your space.

Was one of your new year goals to organize your space? Here are a few of my finds for organizing on the cheap, but still making your space look chic.

  1. simplehuman Grocery Bag Dispenser: This plastic bag storage makes my life so much easier. Mine came with my house and having a place to not only store bags but easily retrieve them is key. Go green by reusing grocery bags for your pets or lining tiny bins!
  2. Copco Non-Skid Cabinet Turntable: I’ve had this lazy susan for years and I use it to place my spices onto. Rather than stacking them and knocking them over, I can quickly spin and get the spice I need. It’s also super affordable compared to other spice racks. Bonus tip: If you want a nice set of spice containers, collect empty glass containers of an existing spice that you like. (I use Trader Joe’s.) Then refill it with any spice for a more cohesive looking spice collection. Things look more pleasant when you store items in identical containers instead of having 20 spice containers that are all different styles.
  3. Oblong Poly Woven Basket: I’m slowly purchasing cheaper baskets such as this one for storage. A wooden basket is dressier than plastic and can still hold the same and sometimes be cheaper. I highly recommend using these for toilet roll storage. It hides them away, makes it accessible, and gives your bathroom a spa-like vibe.
  4. Mason Jars: You can buy these online for cheap, but if you only need a couple you should be able to find them at most dollar stores. These are my favorite way to store items. They’re adorable and clear, but provide your storage with that cohesive home-made look. You can also use them as cups, food storage, and a vase. Bonus tip: Purchase a set of smaller ones for dumping all of your batteries into and labeling the jar by battery size. This has saved me so much time when I need a new battery ASAP!
  5. Amber Glass Bottle: I featured these beauties in my post on my medicine cabinet and my post about jojoba oil. They work for storing liquids that are in an awkwardly sized container and keep a more cohesive look. I personally prefer the eyedropper to disperse the right amount of liquid onto a cotton swab. Also, I feel like items I’m storing for my skin long-term should be in glass, not plastic.
  6. Design Ideas Vinea Letter Holder: Letter holders are cheap and can be used to organize paper (obviously) but are also a great solution for storing make-up palettes.
  7. Smead Frequency Expanding Files: I use these to store all of my receipts. All you need is one per year, organized by month. Then throw those annoying slips of papers in and be done with them.
  8. InterDesign Refrigerator and Freezer Storage Bin: This beautiful little thing helps me organize my refrigerator. All of my condiments are stored so that I don’t have to stick my head in the refrigerator. These are also great for the freezer in a larger size, to throw in individual items. Bonus tip: You may also be able to find these at your local dollar store. Check there first!
  9. Chalkboard Labels: I’m a huge chalkboard fan. (You can ask my kitchen walls, which I’ve covered in chalkboard paint.) I buy these to label all of my clear pantry canisters. Not only do they make my pantry look cohesive, but you can easily erase the writing when you’re storing something else to re-label.
  10. Peg Boards: These are underrated and can be used for almost anything. Also, they’re so cheap! You can paint them and hang them on the wall. Buy the supporting hardware for a few more bucks and hang up almost anything.

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