I’m often torn between two options when I’m wanting to an item — should I buy it, or should I try DIY?

Naturally, there are certain items I never think about making myself like shoes, bags, electronics, etc. However, there are some things like jewelry and pillow cases that I was so picky about, I decided to just craft them myself. But there are a few things to consider before making an item yourself:

  • Do I have the materials for making it?
  • If not, can I easily obtain them?
  • Would I be able to create this item without injuring myself or others? (Maybe this is only me.)

Why go through the trouble? In my case it’s equal parts being cheap to equal parts being picky. For example, it’s been so hard for me to find a pillow case cover design that I like for decorating our bed cushions. I’ve been able to find some fabrics that are perfect, so why not just make them myself? Paying for the fabric would be merely a fraction of paying for them already made. Even IKEA’s decorative pillows are $15-$20 each at the cheapest.

Benefits of Doing It Yourself

Aside from being cheaper, here are some other benefits of DIY:

  • Learning. You’re actually teaching yourself a new skill by crafting something.
  • Creativity. You can make the item any way you want and don’t have to settle.
  • Originality. Shelf items have hundreds of duplicates. You’ve made something one of a kind.
  • Gifting. It’s amazing how much more a gift means to someone you love if you made it yourself!
  • Quality. Start a DIY project with a loved one and share quality time together.

If you’re still not up for making something yourself, there are wonderful resources like Etsy that sell handmade items from individuals and small businesses. Do your part and support these artists!


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