I’ve been hiking, backpacking, and camping oh-so-frequently lately! In my previous post I featured the Hollywood sign from pretty far away. Last week I hiked from Burbank (the long way…) over a few peaks until I got to the back of the Hollywood sign. From any angle, even the back, this sign still makes me feel a sense of awe. So many people look up at this sign every day. To me it symbolizes not giving up on hopes and dreams even if they seem impossible. I never expected to be able to take that photo in my lifetime for many reasons. Ten years ago I didn’t think I’d be living here independently, and I certainly didn’t think I would be able to hike up 3 mountain peaks in one afternoon.

Hiking itself is an escape for me, but it also has done something important to my life… It allows me to appreciate the smallest things in modern day life that I usually take for granted. Like a couch. And toilets. And hamburgers. Going into the wilderness for a few days and coming back home, suddenly life is so good.

When things go wrong, it’s easy to look at what you don’t have. Right now I don’t have a good job or a car or (as of today) a phone. I told my boyfriend something that just kind of came out today; I was telling him about my old iPhone 4 dying this morning, but it was okay because I’m getting used to facing these types of challenges. He laughed at my enthusiasm, but it’s true! My car isn’t working, but now I bike more than ever and I love it. My job isn’t great, but I’m working to rectify that too. When I went to Seattle I learned a lot about myself¬†and accepting my situations as they are, and I feel like it’s helped me even now.

I usually want to throw my hands up in the air when I face life challenges, but I can’t do that. Remember to focus on the positive, focus on what you do have, and when you forget those maybe it’s time for a trip into the woods to regain appreciation for how beautiful life is. You really, truly don’t have it as bad as you think.

In regards to One Parade, please continue to bare with me as I restructure my time management and resources to craft new posts. In the meantime, I hope more personal posts are alright!

  • BB

    I just happened across your blog and this post…. Thank you so much for these words of wisdom… When I feel life starting to get too complicated I am just going to strive for the better. Dreams.are.possible. I love your blog and will be checking in regularyl!

    • http://one-parade.com/ MJ @ One-Parade.com

      BB, you absolutely made my day. You’re not alone, we can make it! Carpe diem. :) Thank you so much!

  • Marlena

    I couldn’t agree more! I LOVE hiking and camping for all the same reasons. You get to experience things that you never see or appreciate in your daily life and it gives you this sort of refreshing feeling once you actually do get back to your normal life. There’s a reason we remember all the hikes and camping trips we’ve ever been on and it’s because they are always just so special! I’m trying to make an effort as well to do a lot more hiking! There are SO many hiking spots in LA that there’s really no excuse to not be doing it all the time :)

    And way to go on your positive thinking! That is really fantastic. I always feel like my world is coming to an end when something goes wrong (I sound like a huge drama queen here… maybe I am?! LOL!). So that positive thinking is definitely a trait that is really incredible to have and I envy you for sure! Things have to get worse before they can get better, so that means there are only great things ahead for you :)

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