A common saying in the beauty world: “White eye liner opens the eye and makes you look rested and fresh!” While white does generally match the color of your eyeball and does make your eyes look bigger, I find that there are more effective ways to look well rested and fresh.

Why Skip White Eyeliner?

  1. It’s easy to notice when girls are wearing white eyeliner because of the stark contrast between that and the color of their skin.
  2. It’s a strong look. Just like wearing black is a statement, wearing white is a bold look on the opposite spectrum.
  3. I can’t pull off white eyeliner on my lower lash line without looking like my eyelashes have dandruff. I see a lot of other girls who don’t realize the same.
  4. There’s no transition between your iris and the white liner, making your eyes look a little too unrealistic if you’re going for that natural “awake” look.
  5. A nude color cleans up this transition, but a white can have the same effect if used very lightly.
  6. White liner can fall on top of your lower lashes, again creating that unwanted dandruff look.
  7. Black liner with white on the waterline creates a nice dramatic effect, but definitely stay away from this on an everyday type of look unless you’d like to stand out. It’s great for more dramatic make-up. It will make your eyes look much bigger, not necessarily in a good way.

My Top Nude Eyeliners

If all else fails, I think a good concealer paired with a natural blush can make you look naturally radiant any time. Of course, the best way to look well rested will always be to get plenty of sleep and make sure you’re hydrated!

What’s your experience with white and nude eyeliner?


  • Krystal

    I actually don't really wear white or nude eyeliner often. I have the nyx one. The reason is because I'm forgetful. I usually do my make up at work and I wear the same thing everyday. A white eyeliner is just not in that make up bag which it really should.

    This entry actually reminds me to keep my white eyeliner in my everyday make up bag. I do prefer peach though. I look white looks REALLY obvious on my so I prefer peach/nude. I think it's more natural than white.

    • Marjorie

      I don't wear it often either! I threw some on today and I think it really makes a difference. I need to use up my liner! It took me a while to learn not to cake the white liner on but to use very little of it. I'm hoping to grab a nude after I use up my white. I also greatly prefer the nude look because it looks way more natural. :)
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  • Joyce

    I've never used white eyeliner before either because i also think it can look really fake or harsh sometimes on the eyes. I like how you mentioned that you can opt instead for a nude inner rim pencil. I might have to try that~ keep in touch <3
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    • Marjorie

      Yes! It's so easy to get out of control with the white liner… I do think it can look good if you're very careful. Nude is just so much easier. It doesn't look like you have anything on but the before and after effect is there. :) Thanks so much for the comment!
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  • Jinny (

    I like using white eyeliner to highlight the inner corners, but I really dislike using it to line the entire bottom lid. I don't know, maybe I'm doing it wrong, but somehow when I line the entire bottom lid, I feel it stands out waaaay more than I want it to … or it turns a bit "gray" in colour cos eyeshadow powder or whatever falls on it.
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    • Marjorie

      I usually use a white shadow for the inner corners when I'm wearing an eye make-up look, which pretty much has the same effect. I used to have the same problem as you do with the white liner! The trick is to keep it completely on the waterline and not have it touch even a little bit of the skin under your eye or an eyelash. Once that happens the white just pops out way too much!
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  • Alix

    I don't wear white eyeliner that often but I do have it in my makeup bag and line my water line in the morning where I need to help looking less like a zombie. I also like using it only in the inner corner of my eye with a bright colour to brighten up my eyes and make me look more awake. I don't have a problem with it being too apparent (maybe it's because I'm very pale and have light coloured eyes?) but I like the idea of using a nude liner shade instead! I'm definitely going to pick one up next time I buy makeup.

    • Marjorie

      I have my ups and downs with the white liner. Sometimes I use it a lot and sometimes it just sits there for a while. I'm very pale but my eyes are brown, so it's noticeable when the line under my iris is thickly white. Much like that last photo in my entry! I highly recommend a good nude liner — one that will have good color payoff. (I am a huge fan of Tarte liners and their nude is fantastic on the inner corner, but I've never used it on the waterline!) No one will guess that you're wearing anything on your waterline but the before and after will definitely be apparent after you put it on!
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  • Renee

    Oh my. I totally hate the way the second and third girl you have pictured looks. It is just so fake looking – I can totally tell that they have added something in the hopes of looking more awake or bright-eyed.

    On the other hand, I much prefer to go without white liner on the water-line. If it was meant to be white, it would be already. Instead, I dab it in the corner of my eyes and smudge it so it subtly makes things look brighter – much easier on the eyes (pun intended) and it doesn't make you look like an alien. If you want to really put something on your waterline, nude liner is the way to go. I would use a lighter nude, probably very close to a shade that could almost be white, but not going too far. It should make things look a bit more uniform, especially if paired with a good concealer.

    As for drinking water and sleeping, I do too much sleeping and not enough water drinking. Need to balance out the two. I do, however, now spend more time on my beauty routine by focusing on my eyes. I use a brightening eye cream that does wonders without me packing on the concealer and looks a lot more natural.

    Another way to look more awake and bright: use a good highlighter for your cheek-bones paired with a very lovely, define brow. The brows frame your face and really give it a good shape – defining my brows adds more dimension and texture to my face, taking the beholder's eye away from my circles / bags and focusing on how well my brows look. The highlighter also acts as another draw away from the circles / bags, but in a more subtle fashion, which is why alone it isn't a good "shield."

    All in all, I prefer natural. It is human nature, biologically, to occasionally have to deal with circles and bags. I don't mind that very much. Obviously, however, if you are very ill and/or they are super noticeable you might want to do some damage control.

    Thanks for the post – it makes me consider my options more when confronted with this particular issue!

    • Marjorie

      Me too! I have brown eyes so I used to have the same effect as the third girl. It just looks so distracting. I agree that if the waterline were meant to be white… It would be! Nude is definitely the way to go. :)

      I am the same way. I get plenty of sleep but I have such a bad habit when it comes to not drinking water enough. I'm trying to start by drinking with every meal. I can actually go a day or two without drinking anything until confronted by family/Josh nagging at me to drink something. It's that bad of a habit! To make it worse I always drink a cup of coffee in the morning, which dehydrates. Yikes…

      I absolutely love that highlighter idea! That will definitely make you look awake and glowing. I need to invest in a good highlighter but I'm not sure which one. I tried the Benefit highlighter tint (the one that looks like a nail polish) and it gave me a great effect. What would you recommend?

      I'm lucky in not having to deal with baggy eyes ever but that's only because… I have hollow eyes. It's genetic and there's nothing I can do about it. It also makes me look like I have really bad dark circles, but it's not as bad as it looks. I've accepted them for the most part since I can't do anything about them, but Benefit's Erase Paste is my best friend.

      Thanks for the comment as always, Renee! :)
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